Monday, January 13, 2014

Better Late Then Never


So I have been wanting to post this for a whole but I have gotten so busy with the beginning of the semester. 

So I have put together my New Years resolutions for this year. 

1. I will strive to get up everyday and look presentable. No more sweats, no more uggs with athletic shorts and no more bad hair days

2. I will not waste time on unproductive things when I have work to do. No more Twitter, Polyvore, online shopping, etc when I have projects, homework and blogging to do. 

3. I will not take anything for granted. I will enjoy everything I have and never believe that it is permanent. 

4. Lastly, I will pay attention to every detail. I will not leave anything unchecked. I will double and triple check every process and finished product to ensure 100% accuracy.