Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Dinner


It's Christmas Eve! That means that tomorrow is Christmas! If you are having trouble coming up with a classy outfit with Christmas dinner, I have a few examples. Enjoy and Merry Christmas! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gifts For Your Guy

Hey! It's almost Christmas, have you gotten your guy something nice? We all know that guys are hard to shop for. So why not get them something that they will need even if they don't realize it yet....

1. Button Down Shirt: You want your guy to look good when you go out, so why not a classy button down shirt? I recommend Vineyard Vines, Southern Marsh, or Southern Proper. 

2. Watch: Every guy needs a way to tell time aside from their cell phone. Why not a watch? It can be the most grown up thing he owns. If he already has one, then get a new one. Just make sure it fits his style. 

3. Cologne: There shouldn't be an explaination for this. Everyone should smell good. Just pick one you like because you don't want him to smell like something you don't like. 

4. Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a great accessory to have. They can protect his eyes from the sun and make him look hotter. Pick a pair that fits his personality and lifestyle.

5. Bow tie: He will need a bow tie to go with his button down shirt. Enough said. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stocking Stuffers For Your Gals


There's only a few days left until Christmas, and that means if you haven't gotten your gals their gifts yet, here's an idea of what you could pick up. These are small, but cute gifts that any gal would love. So maybe one gift isn't enough, go ahead, get two, or three! 

1. Charm Bracelet: a charm bracelet is cute, classy and versatile. It can be worn for date night with her guy, it can be worn with a Tshirt and jeans to class, or a blouse and slacks to work. 

2. Perfume: If you know your friends favorite scent, get it for her! She will be guaranteed to love it! If you aren't sure, start with something that matches her personality. If she's bubbly and very social, then try something fruity like Bath and Body Works' Peach Bellini, if she is cutesy and shy then try a floral scent like Victoria's Secret's Sheer Love If she's a very take charge lady who always gets what she wants, then try a strong scent with vanilla. Juicy Couture is perfect for that. 

3. Body/Face scrub: Some of you might be thinking, wait a minute...you can't use your body scrub on your face!! You are right, although there is a new cosmetic store that is becoming very popular, very quickly called Lush. Lush makes vegetarian cosmetics that are all natural with little to no perservatives. Their washes are safe enough to use on all areas of your body. Ocean Salt is my favorite scrub. It's exfoliates for soft skin all day. If there isn't a Lush store nearby that you can visit, just go online and look at their catalog. I guarantee that you will fall in love with their products the moment you start using it. :) if you want your friend to love her gift, then I would go to Lush and pick something out for her. 

4. Naked3: If your gal is into makeup and eyeshadow, and especially Urban Decay, then there are no words needed. 

5. Phone Case: Maybe your friend has had the same phone case on her iphone since she waited in line to get her phone when it was released, or maybe she doesn't have one at all, whatever the "case" may be, (pun not intended) everyone loves a cute new phone case. 

6. Bow Ring: Bow rings are becoming very popular. They are a cute little accessory to add to your friends finger. They are dainty, and girly. They can make any girl feel prettier. 

7. Nail Polish: My question to you is, what gal doesn't love nail polish? Make sure to get a strong formula that won't crack or chip easily that has shine and won't hurt her nails. Try Essie, Opi, Butter or Chanel. 


Tuesday, December 3, 2013


So remember when I said that I was going to start expanding my blog whatever was going on in my life as well as clothing and fashion? Well here is my first nonfashion related post. In order to get me an my blog, I have some more favorites to add. This post is about sports. But only favorite ones. 

I like lacrosse. I play lacrosse.
I like rugby. I used to play rugby. 
I like college football. The only teams for me are Notre Dame and Clemson. I'm a die hard Alabama and LSU hater. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In With The New


So after a long hiatus, I've decided to freshen up my blog and make it a little different. Instead of focusing on just clothes, I will be focusing on everything! So if you like fashion, I'll be here for that, if you like music, I'll cover that too! Sports? You betcha! College life will be a must, and love and relationships for sure! 

To start off this week, I will be posting a few of my favorite things. 

Today I have my favorites for fashion! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Some News

HEY! Yes, I know I haven't been on in a very long time! My laptop keyboard recently broke and it's hard to get in a mind set of creating a post when I'm using my ipad. I just get distracted texting my lovely guy <3 with am app called couple that we both have on our iOS devices to keep our text messages from sky rocketing. Any who, I wanted to talk about what I recently got in the mail. I recently received a "voxbox" from influenster.com. Influenster is an amazing website that allows you to get free samples and all you have to do is try them and review them. I got the varsity voxbox and it included so many goodies including Kiss Nail Dress, Tide PODS, NYC Big Bold Lip Gloss, Airheads XtremeBites, and Clearasil Daily Clear Refreshing Superfruit Wash. They are all excellent products and I would recommend them time and time again. I will have a specific review of all of these products in later posts so come back and check it out! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hump Day Treat 9/18


It's Wednesday! And I have some lovely fall outfits to work on your Wednesdays. The first set is my actual outfit today! The other two were outfits I was considering for this crisp Wednesday. Enjoy!

Hump Day 9/18

Set number 1 includes a striped button down with skinnies and riding boots. Perfect for a day where the sun is out but the temperature has dropped a little. Also perfect for a mild cloudy day. You will be neither too hot, nor too cold.

Hump Day 9/18 
 Outfit number 2 features a striped shirt layered under a quilted vest complete with skinnies and loafers. Perfect for a sunny, but blustery day.

 Hump Day 9/18

 Outfit number 3 is super comfy. It is an oversized sweater with leggings. Finish off with riding boots and an infinity scarf in a nude color. Perfect for when the sun goes down and the temperatures are cool.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Manic Monday: Poshmark


So over the weekend I discovered an AMAZING website....its called Poshmark. You can sell and buy clothing. My favorite part is the community feeling you get on the site. Everyone has their own "closet" and in their "closet" are listings of what is for sale. You have the option to like, comment and share a listing. Most users are willing to negotiate their price. But don't disrespect them and their listing by asking for too little. And don't price your items too high. You want to be fair. Some of the clothing on the site is WONDERFUL! In fact, I made two purchases on there this weekend. I bought a Patagonia fleece jacket and a lovely pair of long chocolate brown authentic UGGS all for a grand total of $40. The boots only had a few knicks in the sole of the shoe and the seller was desperate to get rid of them. The jacket seller was desperate to get rid of it and there was no damage whatsoever. I'll post pictures when I get them!!!!

So, I decided to create some work outfits with stuff that you can on Poshmark. The items shown here are similar to what you can find on the site.


Work outfit inspired by Poshmark

Work Outfit inspired by Poshmark

Work Outfit inspired by Poshmark

 PS: When you sign up, check out my personal closet @lovelylisy

Friday, September 13, 2013



Today is Friday and that means there is one more day until my favorite day of the week in the fall. GAME DAY! There's nothing I love more then watching the games, especially my Clemson Tigers and Furman Paladins. Since my tigers will not be playing this saturday, I am going to be all over the Georgia Tech game since I can't stand UGA. ;)

Anyways, I have some game day outfits for those of you who are Georgia Tech, Oklahoma and Tennessee fans. I hope you enjoy!  

Gameday: GT

This outfit features the cutest blouse in school colors and cute Jack Rogers sandals!!! Also, don't forget your cute sunglasses like the ones shown above!! :)

Gameday: Tennessee

This outfit for Tennessee fans features a pretty orange chiffon dress and Tory Burch riding boots. Cute up the outfit with a bow in your hair like the one shown above!! :)

Gameday: Oklahoma

This cool game day out fit features a striped tee in school colors and funky cowboy boots! Make sure to swap out your blue jeans for white jeans like the one's shown above to look clean, cool and classy. :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering 9/11


Today is September 11, 2013. 12 years ago in New York City, a terrible and unspeakable tradegy occurred.....taking hundreds of lives. Today, I say lets remember those we've lost. Show your patriotism. I created 3 sets to show your patriotism and spirit of the US while still looking cute! 

Go ahead, show your spirit!

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

Remembering 9/11

Where were you when the nation stood still in the face of this tradegy? 

Hump Day Treat


Guess what day it is!
Yes, Wednesday! And I have some lovely outfits for your Wednesday.
As I was preparing for this post, I decided that some of you probably don't dress up or are slowly transforming to more comfortable clothing as the weather gets colder. Whatever the reason, I have three casual outfits for you to admire, and to try. 

The first one includes a hoodie and boyfriend jeans. Cute it up with pretty flats or loafers.
The second one includes a knitted cardigan with skinny jeans. Pair that with cowboy boots and your comfy outfit suddenly looks a lot cooler.
The last one includes pink flats and shorts. Pair the shorts with a printed long sleeve top for coverage in the changing weather.

Hump Day 9/11

Hump Day 9/11

Hump Day 9/11

"On Wednesday's we wear pink!"- Mean Girls

Friday, September 6, 2013

Game Day Saturday!


It's friday which means that we are only a day away from my favorite day of the week in the fall, GAMEDAY!
I have came up with three game day outfits for three teams. One is from the ACC (because Clemson is my team!) and two from the SEC, because I live in Georgia and that should be represented in this post. I really don't like LSU but it's a powerhouse, so why not represent it?

I love college football and will won't make plans on game day unless it includes watching the game....Do you like football? If so, who's your team?

Game day: Clemson

Game day: UGA

Game day: LSU

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wearing White Pants in Fall


    Sorry for not posting in awhile!! I've been busy with classes and my new workouts also not to mention my job and a girls gotta socialize right?
Anyway, today I have for you a way to continue wearing your lovely white pants in the fall without looking like you are still stuck in summer.
The first set features the all so versatile chambray shirt with edgy boots. You can keep it classy with a structured watch and a crossbody.
The second set has a more laid back vibe and includes the plaid button down ,which is a fall must have, paired with low cut flat sneakers.
The last set is work appropriate and includes a deep blue blazer because jewel jones are this fall's must wear colors. It is also spiced up with an animal printed top peeking out and nude flats.

White Pants in The Fall

Wearing White Pants in the Fall

Wearing White Pants in Fall

I absolutely love the fall and can't wait to wear my white pants in all these ways! How would you wear white pants in the fall?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Manic Monday


So this Monday, I have a cute and comfy work appropriate outfit! It also happens to be what I wore today to work and school! 


Monday, August 19, 2013

Manic Monday: First day of Class


Today is a very special Monday....
It's my first day back to school! 
I created a copycat set of my outfit I wore! 
AAANNNNDDDD.......included a lovely picture of myself! 


BTW....The Vera Bradley bag is exactly what I brought, the rest is similar. 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thirsty Thursday: Summer to Fall


This is a special post. It is about transforming your summer clothes to make them work for the fall.
Most of us love to shop, unfortunately we may sometimes be on a budget and will need to find ways for our summer clothes to work for the fall. This post is about using your old summer crop top in the fall when going out.

1. Pair your flowing crop top with a bodycon skirt and chunky sandals. Add a colorful clutch and some arm candy

2. Take your plain tee crop top and add some high waist trousers in a hot fall color such as oxblood, or a deep emerald. Finish off with sky high pumps and a nude bag.

3. Your denim crop top is the most versatile, you can pair it with anything in the previous lists but if you are going for a edgy but not over the top look, pair it with a maxi skirt in a hot fall color and cut out boots. You can complete the outfit with long earrings and a bag with some hardware. (Bonus if the two metals are the same color!)

Below are some examples of each type of outfit:

Summer Items to Fall: Crop Top

Summer Items to Fall: Crop Top

Summer Items to Fall: Crop Top

Monday, August 5, 2013

Manic Monday: Back To School


So I was thinking....why have Manic Mondays revolve around desk jobs?

Teachers like fashion too! 

So, I have 3 sets that are appropriate for school working. 

Set 1 is for an elementary school teacher. Easy. Comfy. Cool. 

Set 2 is for a middle school teacher. Pretty. Fashionable. Easy. 

Set 3 is for a high school teacher. Fab. Pretty. Respectable. 

School Days: Outfits for Teachers

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump Day Treat


Below I have three outfits that include dresses for all of you dress lovers out there! :)

Enjoy :)

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