Friday, October 24, 2014

Commentary on My Life


It's been a while since I posted and for that, I'm sorry. In the next few days, I will delve deep into my life through blog posts. Hopefully this will be a judgement free zone. But in the mean time, I have decided to post some of my favorite memes that describe my life. 

This is self explanatory. I love the south and almost everything about it. My heart is in the Southeast and no matter where I move, I will always embody a southern personality. 

 Also, this is self explanatory. Working out is my life. It makes me feel like I'm the queen of the world and that I can do anything. 

This. Is. My. Life. I feel happy after I buy anything. Unless it's textbooks, buying those make me sad. 

So I hope you enjoy the insight into my life. 

I'll be back soon. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Is Here


I'm a little late on this...but fall is officially here! The official first day of fall was a couple days ago and it definitely feels like it. When the new season in swing, I thought I would share with you what I love about this fabulous month. I absolutely love the colder months. There is much to do and you don't feel like you are going to have a heat stroke every time you walk outside. 

1. The fall landscape

The fall brings a beautiful landscape to the earth; Leaves change color and look absolutely amazing. Pair the various leaf colors with the sunset or sunrise and you have perfect scenery for enjoying the cooler weather. 

 Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

2. Flannels 

Flannels are a wardrobe staple for the fall. Don't listen to anyone that says otherwise. (Just kidding!) In all honesty, I could never go without my comfy oversized flannel shirt. Flannel is warm and inviting, not to mention easy. Pair it with leggings and boots, throw on a scarf, and walk out the door. 

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

3. Boots 
Again, boots are a fall fashion staple. Boots are comfy, fashionable, and says a lot about your style. Riding, combat, cowboy, booties, they can all tell what your sense of style is. Riding boots are classic, combat boots are edgy, cowboy boots can be casual and booties are glamorous.  

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

4. Sweatpants 
Sweatpants are the ultimate go to pants when staying in whether it's for a date or a girls night in. They are super comfy and can be super cute. When you are running late for class, just throw on some pretty sweatpants and a pretty shirt with some flats and you have an easy 5 minute outfit. 

Photo: Pinterest

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Photo: Pinterest

5. Coffee
Coffee is wonderful! It's warm for cold days and cold for warmer days. The caffeine helps keep me alert in the morning when I feel like I could just go back to sleep. Coffee is much better when you are drinking it with a friend. I love getting coffee with a friend and just sitting somewhere whether it's the coffee shop or the couch at home and talking about whatever. It's just relaxing. Just so everyone knows, I take my coffee black with a pinch of sugar and sometimes whipped cream. 

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

6. Sweaters
Sweaters are my most favorite thing ever! I'm always trying to find a way to wear them during the warmer months. Sweaters are comfy and if you wear an over-sized one then you can layer underneath and not look like a marshmallow. My favorite are plain colored knit sweaters, pair it with leggings or skinny jeans and boots or moccasins and you will be toasty and comfy all day.

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

Photo: Pinterest

7. Vests

This is my second favorite thing. Vests are warm but you are constrained in a thick sweater. On a cool but not too chilly day, throw on a long sleeve t-shirt and slip your vest on over it. Complete your outfit with leggings and sneakers or skinny jeans and boots (whichever fits your style better).

Photo: Pinterest

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Photo: Pinterest

8. Pie
Those three letters should speak for themselves. Pie is perfect after dinner on a cool night. I love making my own pies as they are quite good. However, I went to my boyfriends dad's house for Sunday lunch and he had a fantastic blackberry pie and I'm in lust with it! My favorites pies are apple, blueberry, pumpkin and now blackberry! 

Photo: Pinterest

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Photo: Pinterest

I hope you enjoyed some of my fall favorites. I love fall and get really enthusiastic about it. What is your favorite season? What is your favorite part about it? What is your favorite part of fall?

Monday, September 15, 2014

5 Minute Outfits

Hey all!

So, the other day I slept through my alarm and didn't get up until 8:30 for my 9am class. I freaked out and just put something on. When I was walking to class, I realized that I looked terrible. My shirt was dirty and my pants didn't fit right. That inspired me to create this post about outfits that are comfy, cute and can be created in 5 minutes.

5 minute Outfit

5 minute Outfit by yourclothingsucks featuring a red shirt

This is a very comfy and casual outfit complete with pretty leggings. Take your pretty or printed leggings and pair it with a tank top and layer a lightweight hoodie over it. Complete the outfit with some sneakers or comfy flats. 

5 Minute Outfit

This is a cute outfit that doesn't take much effort at all. Slip on your maxi dress, and your flip flops and your ready to go. 

5 Minute Outfit

This final outfit is the most comfy outfit by far. Take your favorite hoodie and pair it with some comfy shorts. Finish off the outfit with some casual shoes such as converse, TOMS or your favorite sneakers. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Make It Cute!

I'm preparing to move in to my new apartment dorm at Kennesaw and I was just thinking about the first time I went away and how bland my room looked. Throughout the years, I have gotten ideas from friends and magazines to create a pretty room that is entirely your own. So if you are a procrastinator and haven't quite gotten everything that you want or need for move in day, I have 5 items that you will want to buy to spruce up your dorm. 

First is a lamp. A lamp will not only add dimension to your room, but will help you when your overhead fluorescent dorm lights don't provide the lighting you desire. You can choose between a table lamp and a floor lamp. If you choose to get a lamp, pick one with a slim base like the ones shown above. 

When it comes to chairs, you will definitely want one. The chairs you will find in your dorm are very uncomfortable and dull looking. (Not to mention, they've been used by other people...yuk!) Getting a chair for your room will again decorate your room and give you a comfy place to sit when you don't wanna sit in bed. 

The item on the list are tables. Little bedside tables are perfect for extra storage for personal items. Tables are perfect for an alarm clock, a place to put your book if you read in bed and for your phone if you like to surf the web before bed. Make sure your table is small enough to fit on your side of the room if you have a roommate. 

Everyone loves rugs! They are soft (hopefully!), fuzzy, warm and colorful. Getting a rug will definitely change your room from (excuse the lame cliché) drab to fab. You can get bigger square or rectangle ones and put them in the entry way into your room for a fab entrance or you can get a circle shaped one and put it in the middle of the room or under your desk chair or even your lamp! Rugs are perfect because they can go almost anywhere. 

Finally, a trash can/waste basket. Now I think that most are probably like why is trash can on the list? Well in my experience, trash cans have always been needed and always seem to clash with whatever decor myself or my friends have  for the room. Also, trash cans are inexpensive. This is an inexpensive way to make your room look a little prettier. If you are strapped for cash, this is the perfect thing to buy. It's a conversation starter, because who else is gonna have a mint green glittery zig zag waste basket? No one. You could start the trend. 

So, let me know in the comments or send me an email ( and let me know what you think! I'm always open to questions, conserns, comments and critiques! 💋

Monday, August 4, 2014

Plan Your Day


I just went shopping for a new planner and was so overwhelmed by the many choices I had. There are 12 month planners, 18 month planners, planners with weekly views, monthly views and different designs. It was very hard to pick one out. I have put together some of my favorite planners and some information about them. 

1. Paper Source Academic Date Book ($30) This planner lasts for 18 months and has weekly page views and comes in many different colors including green, brown, black and red (shown). It is perfect for someone that values simplicity and a classic design. You can get one at

2. Poketo Agenda Planner ($26)
This 24 month planner is leather and includes yearly, monthly and weekly page views. They also come in various colors such as black, pink, purple, and baby blue (shown). This is perfect for someone who also values simplicity and needs something sturdy. You can get one at

3. Kate Spade Medium Agenda ($36)
This is a 17 month planner that is made to fit into most handbags and includes monthly as well as weekly views. This is perfect for someone who loves a simple and stylish design with functionality. Check out to buy one. 

4. Lilly Jumbo Planner ($34)
The classic Lilly Pulitzer planner goes for
18 months and since this is the jumbo size, it is the perfect size for school use. This is perfect for the ultimate Lilly or Vera Bradley lover and even if you love pretty and funky designs. They come in many different prints. Go to to check out the different prints they sell. 

5. I Am Very Busy Planner ($20) 
This slim 13 month planner has a hardcover and includes a ribbon bookmark. This is perfect for someone who loves witty sayings and a sleek and slim design. You can find them at

6. Marrisa Thompson Life Planner ($65)
This planner is different from the others because it is a full size (8x10) planner. It has a foil design on the front and goes from January to December of the same year. Perfect for someone who has lots of activities to remember, prefers something larger and loves the glamorous and stylish look of foil designs. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

When It Rains...It Pours


So I want to start off by saying my inspiration for this post came on Tuesday when I was trying to get to class. It was a beautiful day when I woke up. The skies were sunny and the air was warm. The weather forecast called for rain later on in the evening. I wasn't too worried and I put on my Polo dress with some Sperry's. When I look out of my window, I notice that the sky is dark and there are lots of clouds. I decide to swap my dress for some skinny jeans and a long sleeve t shirt. When I open the door, it is pouring outside! I didn't have my raincoat at my place and I left my umbrella at my parents house. I managed to find an umbrella in my crowded apartment and realized when I went to open it, that it was broken. I had to hold the umbrella to keep it open! During what seemed like the longest walk of my life, I had the inspiration to write a post about rainy day outfits. So if there is ever a day when you wake up and it is raining, I have some cute outfit ideas that are sure to inspire.

First, I have this cute outfit that I put together consisting of cuffed jeans, a long sleeved blouse (in a bright color of course!)and rubber rain flats. (These are Hunter so they are specifically made for rain.)  I tied it all together with a pretty printed scarf and an umbrella.

Next is this classic rain look that includes an long-sleeved oversized t shirt, comfy leggings and a rain jacket completed by some pretty colored rain boots. Make your outfit more personalized by adding a monogram to your rain jacket. 

Finally, I have this athletic rainy day look. I see a lot of people wearing athletic wear when it rains. Its easy, comfy and we really don't care if it gets a wet. Here I have a tank top paired with some compression shorts (they make your legs and butt look really nice) and a pair of sneakers (make sure the sneakers are not mesh, water will soak right through mesh and make your socks and feet wet all day). To complete the outfit, I added a pullover rain jacket and fun printed socks.

I hope you liked one of the outfits, our got some inspiration for your own outfits. I'd love to hear your thoughts, so comment or email me:

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Are You Bikini Ready?

The first day of summer is approaching quickly, in fact the official first day is in 2 days! 

So if you are not exactly ready to put on your bikini and head to the beach, I have out together some of my favorite exercises that really firm up your muscles effectively. The best part, is you don't have to go to the gym! They do require equipment but they can be substituted if needed. 


Yoga Ball Leg Lifts 
(Works Abs, and Inner Thighs) 

Place a yoga ball between your legs and your arms extended to your sides. Slowly lift your legs until they are at a 90 degree angle with the ground, lower back down to the ground. That's one rep. Do 3 sets of 10. Rest about 40-60 seconds between sets. ****If you do not own a yoga ball, you can use a box or a beach ball**** (photo credit: Shape Magazine) 

Squat Pulses 
(Works Butt and Quads)

Get into a squat position with you butt out, chest up, feet shoulder width apart and knees in line with toes. Make sure your heels are supporting your weight and quickly pulse up and down. The key is not to go too high and let your butt do the work. Pulse for 3 sets of one minute each. Rest about 40-60 seconds between sets. (photo credit: 

Squat Press 
(Works Butt and Shoulders) 

Get into a squat position and hold the dumbells on either either side of your head as shown above. As you stand, rotate your arms to lift up with palms facing out. as you go back into the squat position, rotate your arms to get back in the starting position. That's one rep. Use heavy weight and do 3 sets of 10. Wait about 40-60 seconds between reps. ****If you don't have dumbells, use wine or liquor bottles**** (photo credit:

Plank Row 
(Works Back, Abs and Shoulders) 

Get into a plank position with your back flat with abs engaged and holding a dumbell in each hand as shown above. Take your left arm back as if you are rowing a boat while holding the dumbell. Place it back down and repeat for the right. Make sure to keep your arm and elbow close to your body and don't move your elbow or arm side to side. Do 3 sets of 10 reps on each arm with a heavy weight. Rest 40-60 seconds between sets ****if you don't have dumbells! use wine or liquor bottles**** (photo credit:

Dumbell Side Leans

Stand up straight with feet shoulder width apart and a dumbell in each hand. Start by leaning over to the left slowly and then slowly come back up. Repeat to the right. Do 3 sets of 10 reps on each side. Rest 40-60 seconds between sets. ****again, if you don't have dumbells! you can use wine and liquor bottles.****