Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stocking Stuffers For Your Gals


There's only a few days left until Christmas, and that means if you haven't gotten your gals their gifts yet, here's an idea of what you could pick up. These are small, but cute gifts that any gal would love. So maybe one gift isn't enough, go ahead, get two, or three! 

1. Charm Bracelet: a charm bracelet is cute, classy and versatile. It can be worn for date night with her guy, it can be worn with a Tshirt and jeans to class, or a blouse and slacks to work. 

2. Perfume: If you know your friends favorite scent, get it for her! She will be guaranteed to love it! If you aren't sure, start with something that matches her personality. If she's bubbly and very social, then try something fruity like Bath and Body Works' Peach Bellini, if she is cutesy and shy then try a floral scent like Victoria's Secret's Sheer Love If she's a very take charge lady who always gets what she wants, then try a strong scent with vanilla. Juicy Couture is perfect for that. 

3. Body/Face scrub: Some of you might be thinking, wait a minute...you can't use your body scrub on your face!! You are right, although there is a new cosmetic store that is becoming very popular, very quickly called Lush. Lush makes vegetarian cosmetics that are all natural with little to no perservatives. Their washes are safe enough to use on all areas of your body. Ocean Salt is my favorite scrub. It's exfoliates for soft skin all day. If there isn't a Lush store nearby that you can visit, just go online and look at their catalog. I guarantee that you will fall in love with their products the moment you start using it. :) if you want your friend to love her gift, then I would go to Lush and pick something out for her. 

4. Naked3: If your gal is into makeup and eyeshadow, and especially Urban Decay, then there are no words needed. 

5. Phone Case: Maybe your friend has had the same phone case on her iphone since she waited in line to get her phone when it was released, or maybe she doesn't have one at all, whatever the "case" may be, (pun not intended) everyone loves a cute new phone case. 

6. Bow Ring: Bow rings are becoming very popular. They are a cute little accessory to add to your friends finger. They are dainty, and girly. They can make any girl feel prettier. 

7. Nail Polish: My question to you is, what gal doesn't love nail polish? Make sure to get a strong formula that won't crack or chip easily that has shine and won't hurt her nails. Try Essie, Opi, Butter or Chanel. 


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