Thursday, June 20, 2013

wedding guest.


So I've been hearing about and seeing a lot of weddings this season. So why not talk about what to wear as a guest to a wedding.

Whether it's a good friend, your best friend (although I'd hope you'd be a bridesmaid for her), or a relative, it's important to dress for the occasion.

I have created two sets of different outfits.

The first one is perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Wedges are perfect for outdoor weddings because you don't have any heels that will dig into the ground and get ruined.

I included a wristlet because who needs a big bad when going to a wedding? Weddings are like prom, all you need is a compact mirror, and a few bobby pins, and some money and your phone.

The second set is for an indoor wedding. Indoors typically are more formal and religious. Usually but not always, either way, you should look more formal.

I included a blazer because blazers are awesome and make any outfit look a little more mature.

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P.S. The winner from my contest that guessed which outfit cost less is Leslie Martin. She will create a set that showcases a few of her favorite things.

wedding guest.

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