Monday, August 4, 2014

Plan Your Day


I just went shopping for a new planner and was so overwhelmed by the many choices I had. There are 12 month planners, 18 month planners, planners with weekly views, monthly views and different designs. It was very hard to pick one out. I have put together some of my favorite planners and some information about them. 

1. Paper Source Academic Date Book ($30) This planner lasts for 18 months and has weekly page views and comes in many different colors including green, brown, black and red (shown). It is perfect for someone that values simplicity and a classic design. You can get one at

2. Poketo Agenda Planner ($26)
This 24 month planner is leather and includes yearly, monthly and weekly page views. They also come in various colors such as black, pink, purple, and baby blue (shown). This is perfect for someone who also values simplicity and needs something sturdy. You can get one at

3. Kate Spade Medium Agenda ($36)
This is a 17 month planner that is made to fit into most handbags and includes monthly as well as weekly views. This is perfect for someone who loves a simple and stylish design with functionality. Check out to buy one. 

4. Lilly Jumbo Planner ($34)
The classic Lilly Pulitzer planner goes for
18 months and since this is the jumbo size, it is the perfect size for school use. This is perfect for the ultimate Lilly or Vera Bradley lover and even if you love pretty and funky designs. They come in many different prints. Go to to check out the different prints they sell. 

5. I Am Very Busy Planner ($20) 
This slim 13 month planner has a hardcover and includes a ribbon bookmark. This is perfect for someone who loves witty sayings and a sleek and slim design. You can find them at

6. Marrisa Thompson Life Planner ($65)
This planner is different from the others because it is a full size (8x10) planner. It has a foil design on the front and goes from January to December of the same year. Perfect for someone who has lots of activities to remember, prefers something larger and loves the glamorous and stylish look of foil designs. 

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