Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Re-introduction

Hey everyone!

As I posted last week, I'm currently rebranding. I'm pretty much done except for some minor things but I decided since I'm starting anew, I should reintroduce myself and post another my favorite things  which I do every season as fashion trends go in and out.

This is me. I love the color purple, hence the purple dress. I was 18 here and attending my first college. This was a picture taken before a residence hall date event. I no longer have hair down to my waist and I don't have contacts anymore. I missed my glasses. 

This is my second year at the same college. I'm 19 and have my characteristic glasses and my hair is cut and dyed to its current style. This was taken on my friend Ashton's hall as we were going out to a Halloween party. 

This is my third year of school. I am 20 and now into fitness and snapped a post workout selfie. My obsession has only grown since this. 

This is the most recent picture I have. I'm 21 and hanging out with some cool animals and my boyfriend. I snapped a selfie, and then made him pose for a photo. He loves me. 

Now, since it's summer, I present to you the trends and things I'm obsessed with...

My Favorite Things Summer

To start with, I'm really obsessed with pocket tees. I probably own at least 7! This one is from Palmetto Moon and I'm in love with the bow anchor on the pocket as well as the light baby blue color. My next favorite is the baseball hat. I'm always wearing my Ralph Lauren hat, people on campus could probably identify me just from that hat. I love this baby blue color, and although mine is purple, I still love it. I recently got a new pair of sneakers and I noticed when I was shopping that I drawn to the shoes with bright color combinations. I love the bright blue and highlighter yellow on this shoe, and I just happen to love Nike. These printed shorts are just lovely and the anchors make it 100 times better! I love J Crew's chino shorts and I own like 6 pairs. Printed shorts are now my favorite because you can pair them with plain colored tees and cute tops. Another thing on my list is striped dresses. I absolutely love stripes and dresses so bringing them together is even better. You can pair them with flip flops for a casual look or flats for a more dressed up look. My other obsession is Jack Rogers sandals, I have two pairs and they are my favorite. They go with everything and it's awesome. I take with me when I go to the beach or the pool, I've worn them out to dinner, I wear them to class, the possibilities are endless! I'm obsessed with scallops. They are so pretty and dainty. They can make any item of clothing look more girly. I especially like them on swim suits and purses. And finally, I'm obsessed with the new grayish white hues of nail polish that have been on every nail polish color trend for this spring/summer. It goes with everything but it isn't overwhelmingly white. 

Now that you have been re-introduced to me, I say let Well Rounded College Girl begin! 

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