Monday, June 2, 2014

Warm Weather Is Here!

It's June and that means that it's almost the official first day of summer! Summer means warm weather, pools, the beach, the lake, cold drinks, cookouts and last but not least...the perfect swimsuit! The perfect swimsuit can be hard to find, that's for sure. Some guides provide suits for your body type, or trendy new patterns and shapes, but the most important part is to find one that fits your unique style and will work with the many activities you plan on enjoying this summer. I have put together a guide based on stereotypical styles that most women fall into some way or another. I have sporty, girly, trendy, vintage, and preppy. Each category has their own types of fits and patterns. A sporty girl who spends a lot of time on the beach or pool playing games is definitely going to want something that they can move around in. For her, she would want something with straps that won't fall down and something that doesn't have too much flair that gets in the way, such as fringe. So take a look and maybe you will find your new favorite or you will find an idea for what kind of suit you want.

Swim suits For Sporty Girls


For you sporty girls, I have suits with thick straps and lots of support on top. For the bottom I have shorts, and low maintenance bikini bottoms. Just because you are sporty doesn't mean you don't like to have pretty things. That's why I included a floral top for those who like girly prints but prefer to be athletic and sporty. Sporty girls have all the fun so enjoy getting down with the guys and still looking cute. ;) 



Swim suits for Girly Girls

Okay girlies, we know that you LOVE frills, flowers and lace and sometimes that can be hard to find in a swim suit. Don't worry though, I found some pretty suits that are just as cute as you. I included a floral halter top, a standard bikini top with ruffles and a lacy bandeau. To go with your adorable tops, I have a cheeky floral bottom, a bikini bottom with an attached skirt and a frilly pink bikini bottom. These suits are perfect for lounging around by the pool or beach and they are sure to bring the right kind of attention that a lady expects. :)

Swimsuits for Vintage Girls

Hey you vintage girlies, we all know you LOVE being pretty and extracting the vintage pin up girl look so the best way to do that is of course by donning your high waist bikini bottoms. Black is classic and will slim your midsection, that is why I included it. The colorful ones bring some modernity to the look (and who doesn't like funky prints and colors?) . The tops I had a little fun with and included and plain black bandeau with a bow in the middle, a structured balconette top in pink, a thick green halter (for our busty ladies) and a red halter with some jewel detailing in the middle. Who says you can't be modern with a vintage inspired suit? :P  

Suits For Trendy Girls

Hey! For my women who like to stay up with the latest and greatest trends, I have a few suits for you that are perfect for lounging, and taking a little refreshing dip. As far as bottoms go, I found some cute cheeky bottoms with the sides cut out for an extra sexy factor. Also some bright yellow crocheted bottoms are perfect for showing off your perfect tan. For those of you who love patterns, I have some side tie chevron print bottoms that are very low cut but great for working on your tan. To pair with these sexy bottoms, I have a cut out bandeau tops that will no doubt, give you an interesting tan, but who cares? It's cute! Same with the next one, it is a halter top that is cut out in the back and on the shoulders, but.....again, it is absolutely stunning! Last but not least, I have some popular trends for tops including the fringe, and the crop top. If you want to be trendy and different go for the first ones, you will be the envy of all the women :D


Swimsuits for Preppy Girls

Alright ladies, there's a reason I left y'all for last, I have a special place in my heart for the preppy style. It is a classic style that will never go in or out. It is my personal favorite because it mixes girly, sporty and vintage all in one. So whether you are going to be on the boat, the beach or just a pool side barbeque, these suits will do the trick. A bow bandeau with matching pink bottoms is the perfect girly touch for a barbeque. The scalloped bra top and floral bottoms are great for a vacation on the beach. The structured Lilly bandeau top with plain navy bottoms are perfect for hanging out on a boat, and the green bikini top with nautical striped bottoms are great for any occasion where you want to add a nautical flair. Remember preppy outfit is complete without Lilly by your side. May she rest in peace...


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