Monday, September 16, 2013

Manic Monday: Poshmark


So over the weekend I discovered an AMAZING website....its called Poshmark. You can sell and buy clothing. My favorite part is the community feeling you get on the site. Everyone has their own "closet" and in their "closet" are listings of what is for sale. You have the option to like, comment and share a listing. Most users are willing to negotiate their price. But don't disrespect them and their listing by asking for too little. And don't price your items too high. You want to be fair. Some of the clothing on the site is WONDERFUL! In fact, I made two purchases on there this weekend. I bought a Patagonia fleece jacket and a lovely pair of long chocolate brown authentic UGGS all for a grand total of $40. The boots only had a few knicks in the sole of the shoe and the seller was desperate to get rid of them. The jacket seller was desperate to get rid of it and there was no damage whatsoever. I'll post pictures when I get them!!!!

So, I decided to create some work outfits with stuff that you can on Poshmark. The items shown here are similar to what you can find on the site.


Work outfit inspired by Poshmark

Work Outfit inspired by Poshmark

Work Outfit inspired by Poshmark

 PS: When you sign up, check out my personal closet @lovelylisy

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