Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wearing White Pants in Fall


    Sorry for not posting in awhile!! I've been busy with classes and my new workouts also not to mention my job and a girls gotta socialize right?
Anyway, today I have for you a way to continue wearing your lovely white pants in the fall without looking like you are still stuck in summer.
The first set features the all so versatile chambray shirt with edgy boots. You can keep it classy with a structured watch and a crossbody.
The second set has a more laid back vibe and includes the plaid button down ,which is a fall must have, paired with low cut flat sneakers.
The last set is work appropriate and includes a deep blue blazer because jewel jones are this fall's must wear colors. It is also spiced up with an animal printed top peeking out and nude flats.

White Pants in The Fall

Wearing White Pants in the Fall

Wearing White Pants in Fall

I absolutely love the fall and can't wait to wear my white pants in all these ways! How would you wear white pants in the fall?

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